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ZoeGoes line provides travel freedom for the eco-conscious woman on the go

Fashion designer Karyn Pettigrew (Photo credit: Kersti Niglas / Courtesy of Karyn Pettigrew)

For the busy female professional or vacationer who wants to travel with the least amount of effort, fashion designer Karyn Pettigrew might have just the solution for you. The Chicago native has created a fashion line called ZoeGoes, a six-piece sustainable travel capsule collection for women that provides minimum classic choices with maximum results.

Pettigrew recently spoke with rolling out about the inspiration behind her collection and why it’s the ideal choice for the woman on the go.

Can you share the backstory behind ZoeGoes?

About four years ago, I started traveling more. I was flying home from Spain to London and from London to the U.S. I was on two separate airlines. The flight from Spain was delayed for two hours. By the time I had cleared customs in London, collected my bag, rechecked my bag and gone through security, I had missed my flight to the U.S. I ended up overnight in London. I swore it would never happen again. From that point, I challenged myself to travel with just my carry-on luggage. I’ve been to 14 countries and over 25 cities with just my carry-on. The longest trip was two weeks to Australia and Bali.

Tell us about the “ZoeGoes 3×3” pieces, which are the backbone of your collection, what they’re made of and why sustainability is so important to you.

The “ZoeGoes 3×3” is a method of remembering [this] packing hack:

Choose three foundational colors. This keeps it simple and makes mixing and matching easier. Usually, I recommend two neutrals like black, white and your favorite color as the third.

Choose three tops and three bottoms that all work together. A dress can be one of those pieces. Try to keep the colors in the three that you selected so that it’s easier to mix and match. This will give you nine outfits with no repeats.

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