Lamar Tyler of TSP offers tips to help Black businesses thrive

Lamar Tyler of TSP offers tips to help Black businesses thrive

Lamar Tyler, creator and founder of Traffic Sales and Profits, centers his wealth of business know-how around three tenets of entrepreneurial and small business development. The company educates and equips entrepreneurs to increase traffic, sales conversions and revenue for individual businesses. TSP accomplishes its company objectives by hosting two major conferences in January and June in Atlanta as well as through a 12-month group mastermind program built to equip, support and encourage Black entrepreneurs.

While the global COVID-19 outbreak and the fallout for minority businesses remain at the forefront of economic concerns, Tyler responded to the call with his newly launched  “7-Point Stimulus Package” for businesses in the TSP network to assist them during the global health crisis.

What is the 7-Point Stimulus Package?

The theme for this stimulus package is “We Won’t Leave You Behind,” an assurance that is so appreciated by small business owners and entrepreneurs who may feel like they’ll lose it all during this crisis. The only way we’re going to survive this thing is if we lean in together.

Is TSP’s focus solely on business development, or does it have a broader concern?

I would describe Traffic, Sales and Profit as a movement. So much of the work that my wife and I have centered around over the years has been supporting and equipping the African American community. Traffic Sales and Profit is how we do this on an economic level by building up more Black businesses.

I’m not just talking about side hustles, but what side hustles do you have that you can turn into your main hustle? We help people grow their businesses so it not only employs [the sole proprietor] but can also employ other people in our communities.

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