Afro-Latina beauty CEO Aisha Crump discusses cultural brand advantages

Afro-Latina beauty CEO Aisha Crump discusses cultural brand advantages
Aisha Crump (Photo provided by Honey Baby Naturals)

Aisha Crump is the founder and CEO of Honey Baby Naturals, the first Latina-owned hair and skincare brand sold in major retailers. After 15 years of working as a chemical engineer in the beauty industry, Crump stepped out on faith and began creating her own products driven by the various hair care needs of her three kids.

In 2016, Crump launched her homemade products Honey Baby Naturals, which stems from her grandmother‘s secret hair ingredient “miel,” which means honey in Spanish.

Crump is also the co-founder of Botánika Beauty, another niche beauty brand. We spoke with her about her mission and what it’ s like being the CEO of the Honey Baby Naturals brand. 

What mission or cultural insights made you decide to get involved in the hair business?

I’ve been in the beauty industry from every side for over 15 years. I started as a chemical engineer by degree, formulating products, then I went into manufacturing and marketing. About four years ago, I realized that there was still a void in the market. I’m Puerto Rican, my husband’s African American and I have three kids with three different hair textures. I had that aha moment like, “Why am I buying different products for everyone in the family? Why isn’t there a brand that’s really focused on healthy hair, and not necessarily race or ethnicity or gender?” I created Honey Baby Naturals as a way to address families’ needs and build confidence.

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