DJ D-Nice, hip-hop music, and the cultural reification of technology

Thank you, DJ D-Nice. I wanted to put on my new spring hat and maybe go to a lounge or a grown and sexy set where one of my DJ friends could be spinning.  The coronavirus and social distancing necessitated a different way for me to kick it. D-Nice supplied the necessary ammunition to quell my uncomfortable new paradigm. Quarantining in solitude has led to writing a new book that is due out in September.

Cultural connection describes the DJ D-Nice set and underscores the values of African-Americans who have used and leveraged their musical creativity to entertain the world and push forward the narrative of our needs, hopes and dreams in a setting that allows others to create new universes. To explore and to create for the pleasure of others connects us on several levels. But we must continuously protect our cultural ingenuity from others’ inclination to profit and steal our intellectual property.

Club Quarantine had lines wrapped around the world, wrapped around the universe, giving us a brief but necessary respite from the fact-challenged White House briefings. In our virtual club, our forever first family, the Obamas joined to dance and commiserate and many other VIPs were shouted out and recognized. We were all alone, but together at the same time. The DJ reminded the revelers to hold up those who are on the front line of this pandemic and to encourage clubbers to do our part to practice social distance. D-Nice demonstrated that he wanted to share a transformative creative experience. Did we really pay attention to all of the hats he was wearing — literally and figuratively?

D-Nice embracing his unique gift and sharing it with all of us allowed him to be able to give our community a room that Mark Zuckerberg maybe never envisioned for his platform. We all now recognize that the platform supported a dream redefined, for its existence for a community that had a need for true healing, spiritual and cultural evolution and hope. D-Nice used music to summon a spirit of transformation from the Obamas, to everyday people, to major corporations around the world.

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