How Jada Pinkett Smith reacted to daughter Willow shaving her head

Shetty said: “If you’re just seeking more space in your relationship, I think one of the bigger mistakes we often make is that we express what we want but we don’t explain why we want it.

“So, if you just go up to your partner and say, ‘I want space’ or ‘I need space,’ they don’t know why you want it and so now they’re confused. Now they’re filling in the text of going, ‘Oh maybe he or she doesn’t like me.’

“If you explain why you want what you want, then someone has the opportunity to say, ‘Oh I get that, I wanted it, too.’ Because often you find that both of you wanted the space.”

Jada added: “I think that’s true because if you say to somebody, ‘I need space,’ sometimes that’s a trigger for one step towards divorce. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It just means, ‘Hey I need two hours, please.’ “

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