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Relationships » How to safety-proof your relationship from the aftereffects of the pandemic

How to safety-proof your relationship from the aftereffects of the pandemic

Jennia Fredrique-Aponte and Sol Aponte (Photo credit: Yvette Jones)

Social distancing is proving to be a difficult concept for many, but what can be even harder is being on lockdown with your partner for unlimited amounts of time, especially when both people are experiencing anxiety. Beyond your partner getting on your last nerve, the pandemic we are facing will have lasting effects on the economy and the health of many Americans.

Rolling out asked married couple Sol Aponte and Jennia Fredrique-Aponte, the creators of Revolt’s popular documentary series “Anatomy of Black Love,” to share their advice with other couples hoping to remain solid as a rock long after the virus is gone.

How can couples use their quarantined time to make their relationship stronger instead of getting on each other’s nerves?

JA: I think now is a great time to get reacquainted, reconnected and take things back to the basics. How about a movie date on the couch?

SA: I think couples should be creative with their time together during this quarantine phase we’re currently in. I really hope brothers out there chose a queen that can cook! If not … explore learning how to make new dishes together. Comfort food can be quite comforting right about now. We are treating this time like an unplanned staycation. We’ve been enjoying playing games with each other as well as the kids, developing creative projects and going to bed early to have more adult time in the bedroom.

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