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Tiffany Boone conveys Black women’s strength and vulnerability in ‘Hunters’

There are some great lines in the series, especially from your character. Do you have a favorite line of Roxy’s that’s stuck with you?

There’s one that’s really cool and that affected me from the moment I read it. My daughter asks me, “Are you a superhero?” I say, “Hey, I’m a Black woman in America, baby. Superheroes, they ain’t got nothing on me.”

That’s the line I think is really, like, hit people and still rings very true for Black women. I was so happy that our writers had even come up with that. Our creator is a 30-year-old Jewish White man. He understands where all of us are coming from, but he also listens very well when we say this doesn’t work for me. I have moments where I tell him, “I can’t say that as a Black woman,” and he totally takes that on.

Check out the trailer for “Hunters” below.

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