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Entrepreneurial maverick McDonald’s owner Gale Hill says be authentic and agile

Gale Hill (Photo provided)

Gale Hill is president of AJH Inc. and owner of four McDonald’s franchises in Columbus, Ohio. She is the consummate entrepreneur, having used her extensive experience in driving results through marketing strategies to build her businesses. She oversees all facets of running her businesses and has led her franchises through survival, turnaround and growth modes.

Prior to joining the McDonald’s family, Hill owned and operated a Chevrolet dealership in Amherst, New York. Her entry into dealership ownership was a result of working at General Motors, where she held leadership positions in sales and marketing and in business development. 

Rolling out spoke with Hill about what makes her a historymaker.

Describe your daily responsibilities. 

My responsibility is to ensure I have the right leadership and people in place to run my business daily. I train them and remove obstacles that are in the way of them being successful.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

Intentional. Gracious. Unconventional.

Historically, how has the power of Black women reshaped, redefined and diversified America’s workforce? 

Black women are very strong, powerful women. I think about my grandmother, who provided food and shelter for everyone in my family when times were hard as a cook. We have revolutionized every task with our inventions [and] entrepreneurship, smashed the glass ceiling, fought for civil rights and continue to fight for diversity and inclusion. When we find a door closed, we find the key to unlock it.

How can women change the narrative of negative stereotypes associated with Black women?

The misrepresentation of Black women can only be addressed by building and supporting an inclusive organizational culture that establishes diversity as its objective. Diversification oftentimes leads to a growth mindset, thereby fostering progress and subsequently abandoning assumptions.

In terms of self-care, what are four things women can do to preserve themselves for a healthy future?

Delegate responsibilities that don’t require direct managerial oversight.

Support emotional wellness by nurturing meaningful relationships.

Listen to and encourage the thing that gives you spark.

Trust your instincts.

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