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Dr. Devra Davis shares how the coronavirus began, new breakthrough in treatment

What should have been the appropriate response by the United States? 

If you look at the countries that have succeeded, like Singapore and perhaps China and South Korea, they had a national policy. They did not leave it up to the states to be in a dog-eat-dog contest to see who gets the most ventilators and masks and protective equipment. And we have not had that kind of federal leadership.

When we should have a federal quarantine, we should have rules that apply to everybody. Instead, right now we have the Oklahoma governor foolishly going into food courts and saying everything’s fine. We should have had a national policy … and until we have that, I think we’re going to be having a hard time.

What breakthroughs are promising at this point?

I have a very interesting story about Vitamin C that I’d be happy to share with you. A family of six adults did not live together, but all helped to take care of the grandmother who became sick with the virus. As soon as she became sick, they all started taking between two to six grams of Vitamin C a day. You take as much as you can take without your tummy getting upset.

She went into the hospital and was put on a mechanical ventilator because she couldn’t breathe. They gave her intravenous Vitamin C because they convinced the doctors to try it. Unlike half of the people in her circumstance, she made it out of intensive care and not a single one of her caregivers got the virus even though they had been her primary caregivers. They didn’t have gloves and masks or anything, but they had been taking Vitamin C prophylactically.

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