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Idris Elba proves COVID-19 does not discriminate, so make your estate plan now

Idris Elba (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The past year has been full of not-so-subtle wake-up calls to the fact that everyone needs an estate plan. We lost a number of great,  young influencers and heroes, including Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle. Now we’re being presented with a pandemic that has resulted in more than 700,000 cases and more than 33,000 deaths, and the numbers are steadily rising with no end in sight.

Originally, the masses believed it was a disease that only resulted in the death of elderly people or those with other medical conditions. But as the virus has spread, we’ve learned that anyone can fall victim to it, regardless of age, sex, race or health status. At this point, almost everyone knows someone who has contracted it, and it’s getting closer and closer to home.

Notable celebrities who have contracted the virus include actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre; rappers Slim Thug and Scarface; a number of NBA players including Kevin Durant, Rudy Gobert, Christian Wood and Marcus Smart, just to name a few.

Due to the lack of strict quarantining — either by choice or by being deemed an essential worker — people are exposing others and contracting the disease at exponential rates. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to recover.

While you are stocking up on toilet tissue and Lysol, you need to also consult an estate planning attorney and prepare for the worst because the reality is COVID-19 can very much affect you. Start making plans for all that you’ve built and gained over the years, and have a will drafted to determine who gets what, if and when.

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