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Dr. Oz and physicians debate wearing masks to ward off coronavirus

Dr. Oz (Image source: YouTube/TMZ)

Dr. Oz and other renowned physicians are weighing in on the importance of wearing masks while venturing out in public. And, just as much as the information about the coronavirus continues to remain fluid, so does physicians’ opinions about donning masks.

Mehmet Cengiz Öz, 59, confirmed there is some confusion with how the information about all aspects of COVID-19 has been disseminated to the public by public officials and politicians. And this includes conflicting messages from the White House and his U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

“I think the debate about the masks is rapid. You have the president saying one thing and then you have the surgeon general saying another,” Oz said exasperatedly. “And then you have members of the real task force trying to make sense of what the real guidelines are.”

Oz joins industry experts that the N95 masks are very effective, but he urges the public to allow the first responders, nurses and doctors to get their hands on them first in light of the tragic shortage of masks.

For the rest of the public, Oz recommends that citizens make their own masks. He said folks can don a traditional mask, but he also said a bandanna would suffice. In fact, Oz goes as far as to say that citizens make fashion statements out of their masks so that they become trendy and inspire more people to wear them outdoors.

Check out Oz’s recommendations in full below: