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Kevin Hart or Katt WiIliams? Black Twitter debates the funniest comedian alive


(Katt Williams. Shutterstock: 111879011)

Kevin Hart stands as arguably the most successful Black comedian of the past decade. Hart’s films have grossed $1,071,853,728 worldwide, according to the film outlet, The Numbers. Without a doubt, Hart has become Hollywood’s go-to man in terms of gaining box office success.

Unlike Hart, Williams has struggled to achieve mainstream success in Hollywood, although he did win an Emmy for his guest role in “Atlanta.” He’s portrayed memorable characters in films but has yet to reach Hart’s level in terms of box office bank.

However, Katt Williams remains an unsung hero when it comes to comedy. His knack for storytelling and timely punchlines have allowed him to lead the way in terms of stand-up comedy.

On April 2, the two comedians began trending as some called for the two to participate in a roasting battle that would be streamed online. A meme soon followed, which led to the passionate debate of who’s the funniest comedian alive, Hart or Williams?