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Tara Jenkins explains why failure should never be deemed ‘final or fatal’

What are two responsibilities that you have when it comes to being true to who you are?

I have the responsibility of leaning back and looking forward. I have a responsibility to lean on the principles taught to me by the preceding generation. By leaning on their strength, I am launched forward to go further than what I could have imagined. I, too, have a responsibility to look forward to the generation succeeding me. Being true to my Creator’s creative call on my life gives them permission to do the same without allowing hesitation to become a time thief in their lives.

What two things can you share that you’ve learned from failure or from being uncomfortable?

Enoughness … begins with a section titled, “Never Enough.” To some, you may be labeled “Never Enough.” There were some individuals in my life [who] labeled me as a failure. Though failure is embarrassing, failure is not final or fatal. You can fail forward! It taught me that I was enough beyond any labels of failure that were attempted to be placed on me.

What is the best way for a female executive to bring fresh ideas and change to an organization?

I believe in what I call the C.I.A. approach. C — celebrate. Celebrate the past publicly and celebrate previous leadership. I — introduce. Introduce a new idea as a special one-time event or concept that is successful and productive. A — appetite. Create an appetite for what works, what’s new and fresh and let those that you lead, request what you introduced.

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