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Gabrielle Deculus connecting women ready to leap into entrepreneurship

Gabrielle Deculus Business Rules For Women

Gabrielle Deculus, owner of Business Rules For Women. (Photo credit: Instagram / @gabbideculus)

“Business Rules For Women” is a digital platform created by Gabrielle Deculus. Currently reaching over 1,000,000 subscribers, Deculus connects Black women ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Deculus spoke to rolling out about the benefits of her upcoming three-day seminar and how women are recreating the business model as we know it.

As Black women look to enter entrepreneurship, explain what your seminar “Business Rules For Women” covers and what inspired you to create this event. 

“Business Rules For Women” was founded five years ago in my living room. I had completed this really awesome bit for a client, and I should have been really happy about it, but I felt alone. In entrepreneurship, there are many other people out there who feel the same way, especially women. So I started creating original content to share my thoughts on feeling worthy or “How To Do Business With Your Friends” and it just caught fire.

We provide great original [content] and [give] people an opportunity to be on our platform. It’s really making the entrepreneurship world for women smaller. Now, five years later, we take it off of the digital space and bring it into the safe space (before the pandemic). After starting from one person, to having a staff of 50 people volunteering their time to help this come to fruition, is a beautiful thing.

Black women, in particular, have been making tremendous strides in business ownership and entrepreneurship. Do you think the playing field is truly leveling out?

I try not to compare women and men in business because we didn’t create the business. We’re recreating what it looks like to be in business.

When we’re starting businesses, are we taking our kids with us? Are we taking our little sisters and brothers with us? Are we teaching people who are impressionable about business? That’s how I believe we catch up.

Would you say that right now is a good time for a person to start a new business? Who do you think would benefit most from attending your session?

People that have experience and skills that people want to hear about or pay for. This is perfect for people who have been sitting at home thinking, “What am I going to do next?”

The 3-day conference takes place on April 3rd-5th. The conference will now be a virtual event for ticket holders due to COVID-19.