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Apollo Nida accuses Kandi and Todd of ‘ratting’ on him to the feds (video)

Kandi Burruss, Todd Burruss and son Ace (Photo Credit: Instagram @Kandi)

Now that Apollo Nida is free from prison — again — he’s getting some pent-up anger and resentment off his chest that emanates from alleged past betrayals.

Nida spent several years in prison after being convicted on financial crimes related to his attempt to defraud the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Now, Nida accuses former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” castmates Kandi Burrus and husband Todd Tucker of “ratting” him out to federal investigators before he was locked up.

During an interview with blogger ATLien that featured another former castmate Peter Thomas, the ex-husband of Cynthia Bailey, Nida said he put a couple of his bikes at Burruss and Tucker’s home for safekeeping.

But when the feds came for the bikes, Nida said Burruss and Tucker gave them up and then used it as a storyline on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“If I talk to you and say ‘put my stuff here; it’s hush-hush’ — you ain’t ‘posed to say nothing! You ain’t ‘posed to go on national TV and say, ‘Hey we holdin’ this for Apollo just for a storyline.’ You sold me out,” Nida spat out during the interview.

Burruss countered previous claims that she snitched on Nida during a chat with Bravo’s “Daily Dish” in 2014. She said she and her husband were oblivious of Nida’s past legal quagmire and simply handed over the requested property when the feds demanded them.

Nida made the inflammatory statements while also articulating his desire to return to the popular Bravo reality show that first made him a national personality.

Thomas, a longtime friend, also believes Nida should be allowed back on the show now that his legal woes are in his rearview mirror.

Watch the interview in full below.

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@iamatlien the CEO of #StraightFromTheA had #ApolloNida and #PeterThomas on a recent YouTube Live, and looks like things in the A might heat up 😳. Apollo stated that #KandiBurruss and #ToddTucker “ratted” him out to the feds by talking about how they were holding some of his possessions, and “making it a storyline” for the show. He also talked about #PhaedraParks! He said “left me in there to rot”, and to me it seems like he may want to come back to the show. He said he’s asked Todd to ask Kandi for some favor. Peter also chimed in saying Apollo needs to get back to the show because “nothing is going on”. I will say Apollo is dead wrong talking about Kandi and Todd, because I feel that what choice did they have? Also there is certainly no way Bravo would bring Apollo and his new wife on, unless…#PhaedraParks was on! What do y’all think?! 👀 #RHOA StraighFromTheA

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