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Alicia Keys shares how Oprah Winfrey helped her with new memoir

Alicia Keys at the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Bang/Splash News)

Alicia Keys says Oprah Winfrey is her “beautiful big sister.”

The 39-year-old is releasing her book More Myself: A Journey on the television icon’s “An Oprah Book” publishing imprint, and she has revealed how her friend helped shaped the memoir.

Keys told “Entertainment Tonight”: “She’s a beautiful big sister to me, a special human in my life, and really just somebody who I model a lot of things off of.

“You can be powerful and kind and successful and graceful. You can have it all.

“She really said, ‘This is going to be such a special thing as long as you’re comfortable enough to really bring people into your world.'”

The “Girl On Fire” hitmaker admitted that was the catalyst for being so open in the book, and Winfrey was “really proud” of the final results.

Keys said: “That was the point and that remains the point of how do you, how do we all, continue to find who we actually are?

“Not who we think we’re supposed to be when the camera turns on or not who we think we’re supposed to be when we’re at work with our boss or who our boyfriend wants us to be or who our mother wants us to be.

“That was the goal and the mission. So, as she read it all and she saw how it was all coming together, she was really proud.”

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