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Really? Tekashi 6ix9ine asks why is everyone ‘calling me a snitch?’

Tekashi 6ix9ine. (Image source: Instagram – @6ix9ine)

In an Instagram post that will probably blow fans’ minds, disgraced rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has the nerve to ask how he got the reputation as a “snitch.”

Tekashi, 23, born Daniel Hernandez in New York, was released four months early from prison on April 2, 2020, as a result of “compassionate release.” It has been implemented by state and federal prisons nationwide in order to tame the spread of the contagious and often deadly coronavirus surging through the country and across the globe.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons took into account Tekashi’s illnesses including asthma, a respiratory malady that is extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. Therefore, Tekashi was let out months before he was due to be released after a reduced sentencing for ratting out fellow members of the Nine Trey Blood gang.

Perhaps Tekashi sucked in too much of the stale prison air, because when he returned to social media, he changed his profile pic and then pointedly asked his 15 million followers on Instagram Live: “Why everybody calling me a snitch? I’m missing something..?”

The live IG post is no longer available but was screen-captured by The Jasmine Brand. 

As has been reported by rolling out and multiple news outlets, Tekashi pleaded with prosecutors to offer him a reduced sentence less than 24 hours after being picked by the Department of Justice in Nov. 2018.

Federal prosecutors agreed to the reduced sentence when Tekashi reportedly gave up valuable inside information that indicted his gang compatriots.