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Jéan Elie brings a complex edge to his gay character on HBO’s ‘Insecure’

What do you hope your character gives our community in terms of understanding gay Black men?

I hope viewers understand that they are no different than me and you. They’re the same. The only thing is that their sexual [orientation] is different. Some men have this stereotype about how gay men operate, but they don’t operate any different than how we operate.

How does “Insecure” reveal the complexities of love and relationships?

It’s a great show because it speaks to where we are when it comes to relationships and how we have evolved and how complex relationships can be. [We] men, we get rid of girls real fast if they cheat, but we expect them to be cool when we cheat. We can approach things in a way that is very one-sided. I love how “Insecure” speaks to both sides and causes a conversation between men and women about how we operate within our relationships and after our relationships.

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