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Dallas Cowboys players party it up despite mandatory quarantine (video)

Dak Prescott party. (Photo source: YouTube/TMZ)

Looks like some churches and young people aren’t the only ones defying state mandates and federal pleas to stay at home and apart from one another.

Dallas Cowboys marquee players Dak Prescott, 26, and Ezekiel Elliott, 24, cranked up a lavish party in suburban Dallas despite the mandatory quarantine orders in effect in Texas.

According to video obtained by TMZ, Cowboys quarterback Prescott facilitated a lavish party for one of his friends at his home in Prosper, Texas, about 30 miles north of Dallas. And he invited teammate and running back Elliott and about 30 other people to join him.

This represents a direct violation of the directive handed down by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to maintain social distancing at all times until further notice.

Later in the evening, Prescott hosted an intimate dinner with closer to 10 people. However, they were sitting around the dinner table, which still didn’t adhere to the rule to stay 6 feet apart, TMZ reported.

This is the second time in 10 days that Prescott defied the social distancing mandate and quarantine decree. He also recently held a private workout with former teammate Dez Bryant, which he promptly posted on Twitter, raising more questions.

Click continue to see to view the video someone secretly recorded of the sumptuous spread that Prescott prepared for the birthday party.

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