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Elsie Cardell’s Results, Sales & Marketing helps companies distribute products

Elsie Cardell (Photo courtesy of Tenola Plaxico)

Elsie Cardell is the president and owner of Results Sales & Marketing, LLC. Cardell has 30 years of experience in strategic sales leadership. She started the premier sales and marketing company in 1994 to support small to midsize manufacturers and salon retailers.

She is also an active community member serving in many organizations including Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., National Association of Professional Women, Professional Beauty Association and more.

We spoke with Cardell about developing her business and helping other companies make their dreams a reality through distribution.

What was the inspiration behind creating Results Sales & Marketing, LLC?

Our company’s name is Results, Sales & Marketing, but our expertise is in distribution. We carry marketing in the name because they’re so intertwined. I like to refer to us as the last leg of the relay race. So if you have a product and you bring it to market, you need a marketing team to give you a reason to believe what your strategy is, the positioning, and the product packaging. When you have all of those and you have a real story to tell, then you come to us to help you build distribution. We help you get your product to the retail shelf.

How important is diversity and cultural authenticity to what you all do? 

Previously, manufacturers spoke on behalf of the consumer. They recognized a consumer needs these products. We want to make things available to them. Now with social media [and] the internet, the consumer is saying, “This is what I want,” and roles have been reversed. So the manufacturers and the retailers have to respond to that. In this period when women are just free to wear their hair however they choose … long, straight, curly, wig, or whatever. Part of the marketing for successful products is around a level of authenticity.

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