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Trainer Dolvett Quince discusses diabetes and fitness in the Black community

What is one exercise goal that all of us in the African American community should set? 

I would say at least 30 minutes [of exercise], five days a week. If you have time to sit down or you have time to cook what you want to cook, you have time to do 30 minutes. We’re here now in quarantine, and this is the best time to create new habits.

What is the importance of having accountability partners to help you achieve exercise goals?

We’re natural-born leaders, so we have to then tap into that leadership in our communities. If you’re that leader, and you look at yourself as someone who can get your friends to come out and go to an event or [a] get-together, innately, you’re that leader. Be the leader when it comes to movement as well within your group of friends. It only takes one person to say, “Hey, y’all, every single day, we’re going to get up [and exercise] for 30 minutes.”

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