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Roderick Brown explains how UPS is helping small businesses during pandemic

Roderick Brown (Photo provided)

Roderick Brown is a senior advisor for the United Parcel Service. We spoke with Brown about partnering with Jerome Love and the Texas Black Expo during the global health pandemic.

How did this union with the Texas Black Expo Project come about?

It’s actually been a couple of years that Jerome and I have tried to connect and really get on the right path. Finally, we did late last year. Due to the pandemic that’s going on now, it’s throwing us another curveball, but still, we’re able to partner up and support the communities we both serve.

Describe the communities that you’re serving in this partnership.

At UPS we actually talk about things that we do within the communities we serve. That’s everyone that we go out and have a brown truck deliver to or pick up packages from all across the metro Houston area. I’m actually the district community relations, contact or face for UPS. I make sure that the dollars get into the right hands of the right organizations who are supporting the right people that will be impacted during the time of need. This is not anything new for UPS. When [hurricane] Harvey was here, we put on 17 projects just to impact folks across the Houston metro area, and it’s the same for what we’re dealing with here with the COVID-19.

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