NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins promotes diabetes awareness

What would you suggest people do as a daily health regimen?

The key is this to get yourself physically moving, and drink a lot of water. I drink a gallon of water a day, you know, to just keep the system pure and flush [my] body. As a diabetic, there are three things that work for me: diet, exercise and medication. Those three components working together keeps me at the levels I want to be.

Why was it important for you to partner with WellStar?

We had the same mission to help people help themselves. It’s all about giving back. They’re a great hospital chain that’s been there for a lot of people. I’ve been there several times doing stuff, not just with diabetes, but cancer, hypertension, asthma, all these different things that I’ve been connected to in one way or another in my own family. WellStar has done a great job of connecting with the community.

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