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YFN Lucci allows ‘Cucumber Challenge’ ended romance with Reginae Carter (video)

Reginae Carter (Image source: Instagram – @colormenae)

YFN Lucci, who underwent some introspection on his life and also performed an autopsy on his defunct relationship with Reginae Carter, has come to some strong conclusions on why their romance ended.

“I’m me bro. If you ain’t gon’ like me, I ain’t trying to change or make you f— with me,” Lucci said sternly and resolutely to 94.5 radio show host Fly Guy DC when asked if it was a mistake to participate in fellow Atlanta rapper Trouble’s infamous Cucumber Party.

The 29-year-old Lucci, who was born Rashawn Lamar Bennett in Atlanta, brushed aside the theory that his age difference from Carter, 21, had anything to do with their relationship tumult and eventual implosion.

Lucci also dismissed the thought that perhaps Carter’s father, none other than Lil Wayne, influenced him to change up his image as he dated his daughter. “Hell nah. It’s what he do.”

Wayne, born Dwyane Michael Carter Jr. in New Orleans over 37 years ago, has been known for his wild personality and producing babies in different area codes for years. Therefore, Lucci surmises, if they don’t judge Wayne, then “how they gon’ judge (me)?”

As you check out the interview with Streetz 94.5 radio host Fly Guy DC, also take a look at Carter’s discussion with Shekinah Jo below about how the Cucumber Challenge was the last straw.

Carter declared on Instagram Live with Shekinah Jo that she will never date another rapper and refuses to be disrespected like she was during her torrid romance with Lucci.