Detroit COVID-19 survivor Robert Harris ‘saw angel of death’ each night (video)

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the medical disparities that exist in our society, then watch this video.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have a tube placed down your throat and to wake up and imagine you were dead, watch this video.

And if you’ve ever wondered about a family member’s pain and suffering as they found themselves in bed fighting to survive the COVID-19 virus, then watch this video.

Robert Harris of Detroit is a coronavirus survivor. He shared his near-death experience with rolling out, including how he was rejected by the medical establishment when he first sought help and how he later found himself fighting for his life on what he thought was going his deathbed.

A spiritual person, Robert Harris says he believes he “saw the angel of death” every night while lying in his hospital bed. Never before have I ever heard or been able to share such a story from someone who lived through something like this and believed their faith and the prayers of others brought them out of it.

We often wonder, “Am I ready to move on through this life?” That is one of the questions that Harris and many others have asked themselves while sequestered in their homes, social distancing and wondering what will happen next. Nightmarish realities exist for some people, who become psychosomatic every day believing they are experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-19.

Harris admits he ignored his symptoms and then was ignored by the medical establishment as he went to the hospital the first time. He experienced what we have been discussing in our Health IQ series when we speak to our health professionals about African Americans who reach the medical establishment and wind up on their deathbeds.

This is a true testament. An honest story.

Please watch my conversation with Robert Harris, please share this post and please understand that we must continue to practice social distancing, not ignore our symptoms, and establish real, meaningful relationships with our health care providers and our physicians.

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