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Latinx singer Ryen delivers multicultural music to the masses

Ryen (Photo credit: Luis Ortiz @luiisrtz)

Ryen is a product of the millennial wave. His pop-inspired stylings are glossy and sharp. The auto-tune he uses doesn’t mask his singing. It enhances it. He flows with ease as he sings in two different languages.

Ryen has been on the Chicago music scene since 2017 and has established himself as one of the most talented artists in the city. Rolling out spoke with the Latinx artist about the new album he is working on and how he views himself as an artist.

Talk about who you are as an artist.

To be honest, I’m very normal and very true to myself. I’m so damn creative, it’s weird. This music just comes to me and my emotions are what give it the sauce to sound dope. God blessed me with this cool talent to express the emotions I’m feeling as songs.

What would you say makes you stand out from the pack?

I just do me effortlessly. My melodies are really attention-grabbing and different. I’m really a fan of my music. I don’t have to pretend and I’ll always be innovative with my flows, cadences, and melodies. I like to push boundaries.

Culturally your music touches many different sounds. Why is it important for you to do this?

Honestly, I don’t do it on purpose, it just flows out of me naturally. I push boundaries without even intending too. I really feel like it’s a gift from God.

How has this pandemic affected your creativity?

It gave me a good excuse to stay home, kick it, and make a lot of music.

What song would you say defines you best from your most recent project and why?

I think the whole body of work defines me, it shows every spectrum of who I am and everything I’ve been through.

What’s next for you artistically?

The Hidden Hills EP  is coming soon. I’ve been working on it for like a year and this thang is so fire. I’m going to just keep doing me and [continue] letting God take the wheel.

What words do you have for those looking to pursue their dreams?

Be you. Express yourself. Be vulnerable. Have fun. Work hard and be a good person. God will handle the rest. Stay optimistic at all times too. Be yourself.

Listen to Ryen’s single from his forthcoming Hidden Hills EP after the jump.

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