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Don’t miss the next ‘rolling out’ Health IQ town hall forum with Munson Steed

Join rolling out for a live Health IQ Town Hall Forum with Dr. Ian Smith, Dr. Kenyatta W. Stephens, and Dr. Olajide Williams. Dr. Smith is a New York Times best-selling author. Dr.  Stephens a highly-skilled, infectious disease epidemiologist and Dr. Williams is the co-founder of Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) and chief of staff of neurology at Columbia University.

Hosted by rolling out CEO Munson Steed, the panelists will discuss how to reduce the spread of coronavirus-COVID-19, help families understand the importance of changing unfavorable behavior, and equip families with helpful tips on how to cope with anxiety and fear. Panelists will also answer questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.