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Attorney Ruby Davis pens transformative book for mothers and daughters

Ruby Davis (Photo provided)

From teenage mother to accomplished attorney, Ruby Y. Davis knows all about hearsay. The Birmingham native is the founder of The Davis Law Group, LLC., a firm that primarily focuses on wrongful death and personal injury cases across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. We spoke with Davis about the inspiration behind her book Hearsay, which details her life challenges and triumphs while balancing motherhood and career building.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was a single young parent. I became pregnant at 16 years old as a high school senior. I had my daughter when I was 17 years old, and I went on to work in corporate America straight out of high school. I worked for one of the largest health insurance companies in Alabama. I was able to go to school at night and earn my associate’s degree from a community college. Then I went on [and] got my bachelor’s degree. All alone as a young pregnant teenager, you can only imagine the rumors, the gossip, the hearsay.

Where do you get your confidence and ambition?  

I’m faith-based, so I believe with God there’s nothing that I can’t do. I give it all to him. My confidence, my ambition, my drive, it comes from within, from my God-given abilities.

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