Boosie says Bill Cosby should be free if Tekashi 69 released from prison

Boosie says Bill Cosby should be free if Tekashi 69 released from prison
Bill Cosby (Photo by A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

Rapper Boosie believes that Bill Cosby should be free. The outspoken rapper recently shared his views on Cosby, COVID-19 and Tekashi 69.

“Free Bill Cosby,” Boosie yelled while in the midst of answering a question from DJ Vlad for Vlad TV. “He’s 80-something-years-old, and they let a rat out of jail.”

Boosie was referring to rapper Tekashi 69 who was released from federal prison on April 1, 2020. Although he faced up to 30 years in prison for his involvement with the Bloods gang, Tekashi 69 was released early due to the spread of the coronavirus in the prison system.

Boosie said he believes that Cosby’s age should be a factor in him being released early from prison.

“Cosby got a couple of years [in prison], and they don’t want to let him out jail with the coronavirus going on,” Boosie said. “That’s racist toward [Cosby], and everything he has worked for. They’re letting all of these [expletives] out [of prison] but won’t let an 80-something-year-old man out? It’s a messed up world, Free Bill Cosby!”

In Pennsylvania, where Cosby is serving three to 10 years for aggravated indecent assault, the early release program “applies to state prison inmates who have been identified as being nonviolent and who otherwise would be eligible for release within the next nine months or who are considered at high risk for complications of coronavirus and are within 12 months of their release.”

Cosby’s lawyers filed a motion requesting that the embattled comedian be released from prison. However, based on the criteria exempting sex offenders, Cosby currently does not qualify for early release.

The embattled comedian maintains his innocence.

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