Yoganic Flow founder Kerrie Trahan shares how yoga can combat anxiety

Yoganic Flow founder Kerrie Trahan shares how yoga can combat anxiety
Kerrie Trahan (Photo provided)

Kerrie Trahan is a yoga enthusiast and the owner of Yoganic Flow, a community yoga studio. For Trahan, yoga was something she did every now and then until she moved to Yeosu, South Korea. While there, the practice helped the 35-year-old with depression and anxiety after the sudden loss of her father in 2006. Six years later, she started her studio, which offers community yoga classes in metropolitan Detroit.

Rolling out spoke with Trahan about her organization and yoga advocacy.

What was your introduction to yoga?

I first began yoga right around the corner from where I am now at the Boll Family YMCA. My father got a family membership when the gym first opened. That was my entry point to practice. I’m Type A and my attention span isn’t always the longest, so I was in class so bored. I’m sure that they have a variety of yoga classes, but at that time I was a novice, and what I came for was not what I was receiving. Fast-forward, I ended up moving to South Korea to escape my circumstances in Detroit. … When I got there, I Googled things like how do I deal with depression,  stress and culture shock. I was also feeling anxiety. I would search, and yoga would always come up. A friend of mine was like, “There’s a spa down the street that has yoga and meditation, and if you get this membership for $30 a month, you can do unlimited classes.” So, you know I was signing up.

What does Yoganic Flow offer the community?

Yoganic Flow is a community-based yoga organization. We exist to give people resources and tools to be empowered to take a proactive approach toward their health. If they’re uninsured or underinsured, stressed or depressed or whatever they might be experiencing with their physical or mental health, at least they have these community yoga classes.

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