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Jason Geter’s new series provides invaluable knowledge to emerging creatives

Were there plans to do this prior to the pandemic and if so, what was it like transitioning to a digital platform?

We were in the planning stages of doing “Heavy Talk” virtually, but like most companies, once the pandemic hit we expedited our efforts to be able to serve our growing audience in a meaningful way. Having been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life and working in the music business, I’m used to pivoting quickly and working under new pressures, although I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s been a fast learning curve.

Social distancing has to be difficult for someone like you. What do you miss most about society prior to COVID-19?

I typically travel a lot domestically between Atlanta, New York, D.C. and LA on a regular basis, and my son lives in Maryland, so not being able to physically see him during the quarantine has been tough. I’ve also had to cancel several trips abroad to Japan and China. So, I’ll have to say I miss my freedom most in society.

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