Michael Jordan’s kids debate ‘The Greatest’ between MJ and LeBron (video)

Michael Jordan's kids debate 'The Greatest' between MJ and LeBron (video)

Michael Jordan’s children weighed in the ongoing debate about who is the greatest NBA player of all time between MJ and LeBron James.

Marcus, Jeffrey and Jasmine Jordan spoke virtually with “The Breakfast Club” about their father who is considered the indisputable best player the game has ever produced. The debate was reignited when the record-breaking, 10-part “The Last Dance” documentary began airing on ESPN in April.

The most outspoken of the three children, Marcus Jordan, admits he is a Twitter warrior when it comes to his father’s documentary and has gotten into a few spats while defending his venerated father.

“I’m like a Twitter warrior. I like to pick my fights on Twitter and the hardest thing about watching the documentary early is holding on to them tweets when the doc went live. It’s so hard,” Marcus Jordan told Charlamagne tha god.

“You can’t debate it. The eras are so different now. The game is so different now. I honestly feel like you can’t have a serious debate but it’s always going to happen.”

Marcus Jordan provided a funny anecdote about how Michael Jordan told him to avoid Twitter scrapes.

“My Dad’s PR people are always monitoring my tweets trying to make sure I don’t get out of hand. So there has been some times where I tweeted about [what] I think [about] LeBron or something and my Dad texted me. He set me up. He said ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I said ‘I’m good dad. Everything is fine or whatever.’ He said, ‘Stay off Twitter.’”

His sibling, Jeffery Jordan said he doesn’t even get his Twitter thumbs in motion because he says “it’s not worth it.”

“I let Marcus handle all of that. I’m not getting into that. Marcus does enough talking for all of us,” Jeffrey Jordan said.

The daughter Jasmine, who works for her father alongside Jeffrey, admonished the radio show listeners that, while you debate about who is the greatest, don’t forget to include the late, legendary Kobe Bryant into the conversation.

Flip the page to view the wide-ranging interview of the three grown children of Michael Jordan below:

You can also check out a couple of other social media and sports spats that have popped off ever since “The Last Dance” documentary began airing in April 2020.

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