Ebenezer shares why he is an artist and his top 3 musical inspirations

Name three artists who inspire you and explain why.
Kanye: His innovation and foresight as well as ability to shift the sound of music as well as the culture is phenomenal.

Drake: His music really connects and hits home with me and I admire the infrastructure he has built around his brand.

Burna Boy: His hustler’s mentality and his music is a force that be reckoned with.

Your video for “Flaws and All” has one million views. Why do you think it resonated with so many people?
Honestly, I would say it’s because of the honesty. It’s something people want to hear more of!

What are you hoping to accomplish as an artist?
I’m looking for my music to transcend time and location, to be played decades later and to be played all over the world.

Listen to Ebenezer’s latest project, Bad Romantic II, below.

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