Healing a community 1 face mask at a time

Healing a community 1 face mask at a time
Sharra Speer, creator of Xspeeriences Inc. (Photo courtesy of Sharra Speer)

Sharra Speer is a mother, creative, writer and self-proclaimed fashion priest who knows fashion is ministry.

In early March 2020, Speer — the creator and “director of possibilities” of Xspeeriences Inc., a creative expressions suite based in Atlanta — was encouraged to lend her artistic talents to a world navigating the harsh realities of the coronavirus. In a matter of hours, she single-handedly built a brand, Style is the Cure, and leaped into the pool of custom-made mask makers popping up across America.

With her YouTube marketing degree in tow, Speer had a website for Style is the Cure up and running within day’s time, a tagline with some razzle-dazzle to it —”Safe and Bougie” — and more than 250 orders for her one-of-a-kind “haute couture quarantine masques.”

Using everything she knew and loved about fashion and style, a little creativity, and her diligent hands, she got to work crafting one masterpiece after another. Style is the Cure’s protective face coverings invoke feelings of nostalgia and pride and tell stories that resonate deeply with its customers.

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