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Snoop Dogg slams Tekashi 6ix9ine for saying he snitched on Suge Knight (video)

Tekashi6ix9ine. (Photo source: Instagram – @tekashi69)

The escalating beef between rap legend Snoop Dogg and disgraced emcee Tekashi 6ix9ine has gotten increasingly personal and vicious.

The beef’s origin began when Snoop, 48, noted publicly how Tekashi ratted out many members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang that he was a member of and secured a surprisingly short sentence. Snoop became irate when Tekashi, 23, also successfully petitioned the judge for a “compassionate early release” from prison because his pre-existing medical conditions made him particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.

“They gotta stop pushing this 🐀 all these media outlets making snitching cool I’m old school f—69 and everybody pushing his line right now all New York. Gz,” Snoop said on Instagram. “Feel me on this and if u don’t f— u2. 💪🏾 @meekmill If u allow sucka s— then u a sucka. Love u cuz stay sucka free.”

Some fans agreed with Snoop, with one reiterating how serious this matter is: “Y’all gotta stop giving this kid energy. He really thinks this is funny but his life is at stake.”

Tekashi clapped back hard at Snoop. The New York rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, is riding an unprecedented wave of popularity that’s punctuated by his new video “GOOBA” which broke Eminem’s record for the most YouTube views in 24 hours with over 43 million. Seven days later, the video has accumulated than 61 million views.

Subsequently, 6ix9ine was feeling especially emboldened to post this video about Snoop for his 20 million IG followers.

Snoop retorted to Tekashi’s inflammatory post with fireworks of his own video on IG, essentially raising the stakes in the process:

Snoop captioned the post: “I got time ⏰🌈🗽🎥 🐀. The tail of a rat. Comin soon from b—-9 I mean snitch9. I mean f—- it from cuZblood🤣.”