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CEO to CEO: Usher’s New Look continues to connect youth with opportunities

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic life must go on, particularly for the nation’s youth. That was the message from the president and CEO of Usher’s New Look, Careshia Moore.

Moore recently spoke with rolling out‘s CEO, Munson Steed, via Zoom about the 20-year-old organization and its role in continuing to connect youth with opportunities despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is what Moore had to say on CEO to CEO.

Describe your mission as a relates to your foundation and what can individuals do to support it?

I am the president of Usher’s New Look. Usher’s New Look has been around since 1999. That’s 20 years of developing global youth leaders through our comprehensive program. We work with youth ages 14-24, essentially providing them access to opportunity. We’re exposing them to education and career options so that they can change the trajectory of their lives. Primarily, we work with youth from underserved areas helping to level the playing field. People can find out about us through Usher’s New Look website, as well as, our social media channels. Right now, we have a virtual academy due to the disruption caused by COVID-19. It’s our place as a nonprofit organization to support our youth and make sure that they continue to grow and develop.

When you say gaining access, what does that mean?

We believe if you can see it, you can achieve it. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s so true. We have seen it time and time again, where we provide our students with access to a corporation through an internship or job shadow opportunity, and then all of a sudden, they’re able to say, “OK, I can see me in this role.” There are some who are privileged, they’re born with these connections in these networks, and they get it. But for some of our students, it takes somebody or some organization to intervene and make sure that they have those same opportunities.

What can students and parents do if they want to be considered for the program?

If they go on our website right now and click on programs, there is a link to our virtual academy, or to our UNL University. There’s a free application. Complete it and we will get that and make sure that they are provided with all the information that they need to take advantage of our summer program. We’ll be actually launching on Friday, we have an entrepreneurship session that will have some amazing people on there. Tristen Walker will be on, talking about his entrepreneurial journey. We have 65 sessions just for high school students that go from May-August. We’ve partnered with companies, individuals [and] entrepreneurs to come on and share with these young people and really motivate them during this time to keep going because a lot of students are frustrated right now. So, we’re making sure that they continue on their trajectory to success.

How can people support this program?

We have launched an emergency fund in response to COVID. As soon as you go to a popup will come up, and we will ask that people support it.  It doesn’t matter how small and or how large. We’re aiming to serve over 1000 students this summer. We’ve already served over 50,000 during our 20-year mark. We are making a true impact on the lives of young people. They can email us or follow our social channels.