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90-year-old Black grandmother pleads with White cops not to shoot her grandson (video)

(Photo credit: / ArtOlympic)

A 90-year-old Black grandmother was willing to risk her life to protect her grandson from being shot by police.

The incident occurred in Midland, Texas, on May 16, 2020, after Tye Anders was stopped by police over a minor traffic violation, according to reports by NewsWest 9 on May 19.

Anders, 21, allegedly drove through a stop sign and was ordered to stop by Midland Police. Anders, who was reportedly told by his mother to always drive to a safe place when stopped by police, decided to drive to his grandmother’s house.

Once he arrived at his grandmother’s home, Anders faced cops who aimed their guns at him. In a video uploaded to Facebook, Anders is lying on the ground while at least five police officers point their guns at him. Several people can be heard in the background yelling at the police officers to lower their weapons because Anders was scared.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Anders’ 90-year-old grandmother, who has yet to be identified by name, can be seen on the video walking over to Anders. The woman, who has a walker, pleaded for the cops not to shoot her grandson, who began crying.

The police eventually moved in Anders’ direction as his grandmother stepped in front of him, trying to protect him. Once officers surrounded Anders and attempted to put handcuffs on him, they pushed his grandmother over, causing her to fall to the ground. The video cut off at that point, but the grandmother reportedly had to receive medical treatment.

Anders eventually was arrested and charged with felony evading arrest.

The video of the incident has gone viral and furthered the online discussion of police brutality against Blacks.

View video of the incident after the jump (NSFW).

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