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Black mother, son say they were beaten by police after falsely accused (video)

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A Black mother and her son have filed a lawsuit claiming that they were assaulted by police officers after being falsely accused of stealing a TV.

The lawsuit was filed this week regarding an incident that occurred March 23, 2020, at Sam’s Club in Des Peres, Missouri, according to the St. Louis Dispatch.

Marvia Gray, 68, and her son, Derek Gray, 43, had purchased a TV from the store when they realized the appliance was too big to fit in their car. Derek Gray informed the workers at the store about the issue and told them he would be back later in the day to pick up the TV.

However, once he returned with a receipt for the TV, he said several store employees ignored his receipt and claimed that he was attempting to steal the TV. The TV was withheld until a store employee recognized Derek Gray from earlier and confirmed with management that he had purchased the item.

Once Derek Gray returned home with the TV and told his mother, Marvia Gray, about the incident, she became upset with the treatment that her son received and went with him to the store to return the TV for a refund.

When they arrived at the store, they were surrounded by four officers who they say violently threw them to ground and beat them before placing them in handcuffs.

Marvia Gray was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with police. Derek Gray did not face charges.

On Monday, May 18, the Grays announced that they were filing a lawsuit against Sam’s Club and the Des Peres Police Department.

The lawsuit claims Marvia Gray received “severe injuries to her tailbone, her back, her rotator cuff, her knees and her arms.” Derek Gray reportedly suffered a concussion and three shattered teeth and was forced to get 12 stitches and metal staples in his head.

Video of the incident has since gone viral. View after the jump.

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