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DJ Iesha Irene discusses technology and her new mix with DJ Trauma

DJ Iesha Irene (Photo provided)

Name: DJ Iesha Irene

City: Los Angeles, California

Style/genre:  Open format, but mainly hip-hop and R&B.

Social media handles: Instagram @iesha_irene.

Rolling out’s Master DJ series spotlights DJs recognized in their respective cities who are making an impact in their communities. DJ Iesha Irene specializes in corporate, private and celebrity events. Some of her previous gigs include a house residency at LAX Airport, Walmart, T-Mobile, Howard University homecoming fashion show and REVOLT TV Summit.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

My DJ name is my real name. It’s my first and my middle name — Iesha Irene. My dad is a DJ and growing up I used to help him load and organize his crates in the car and even help him deejay from time to time when he wanted to take breaks. So that was the inspiration behind my name.

How do you define your style?

My DJing style is mostly B-sides, so the songs that you aren’t going to hear all the time, haven’t heard in a long time or songs that you’ve never heard before. I feel like that helps me separate myself from what’s being played consistently on everybody’s Instagram lives and out of parties and stuff like that.

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