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Protesters burn police precinct as cops who arrested George Floyd remain free

(Photo credit: / ArtOlympic)

Emotions ran high in Minneapolis days after George Floyd’s death. Protesters hit the streets in the Twin Cities to express their anger over Floyd’s death and the fact that the four cops who arrested him remain free.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, Floyd was being arrested in Minneapolis, for allegedly committing forgery. Video footage from a store’s surveillance camera and a witness’s cellphone captured the moments when Floyd was being taken into custody and physically restrained by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and three other officers.

The cops have yet to be arrested.

According to a statement by the Minneapolis Police Department, protesters stormed into the 3rd Precinct shortly after 10:00 p.m. CT on Thursday, May 28. The officers who were inside the precinct eventually evacuated. Protesters allegedly started a fire inside the precinct, and the building burned throughout the night.

Police officials released a statement on social media urging protesters to leave the area around the precinct because reported gas lines were ruptured, which could cause a massive explosion.

“We’re hearing unconfirmed reports that gas lines to the Third Precinct have been cut and other explosive materials are in the building. If you are near the building, for your safety, please retreat.”

Police officials also used social media to share that 170 buildings and businesses reportedly were burned to the ground during the protests.

More than 500 members of the National Gaurd were called to Minneapolis.

The scenes from Minneapolis shocked the nation and provoked instant feedback on social media