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Chicago Eco House blooms with bright minds from the inner city

What is the future of urban farming in Chicago?

I think there are many exciting, cutting-edge urban agriculture projects bubbling beneath the surface in Chicago that could have national implications. [With] everything from Urban Growers Collective’s work with biodigesters to Plant Chicago’s innovative approach to closed-loop food production, there are people pioneering the future of American agriculture in our city. I think Chicago as a city is uniquely suited for urban agriculture because it already has a strong culture and history around food and ag products production [and] processing. Plus, since it’s connected to other major cities around the country and [the] world, it’s easier for new ideas [and] concepts to spread faster than in some other places.

What types of flowers do you cultivate at Southside Blooms? 

Our focus is growing in-season flowers that are suited for our climate. So, in the spring, that usually entails growing tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, Persian lilies, etc., and in the summer [and] fall, we grow lilies, sunflowers, zinnias, bachelor buttons, snapdragons, etc.


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