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Comedian Baldhead Phillips details battle with COVID-19

Baldhead Phillips (Image provided)

Baldhead Phillips is a keep-it-real comedian hailing from the South Side of Chicago. As a young child, he used comedy as an escape from traumatic situations. His comedic style is upfront and to the point. He touches on the reality of being a young man growing up in tough circumstances while also understanding that the world is not all sadness and pain. Phillips has appeared on several shows, including BET’s “Comic View,” “Def Comedy Jam,” “Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand-Up,” and “Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes.”

Rolling out spoke with the comedian who recently battled COVID-19 and discussed his message to the Black community. 

What would you say to the young people about COVID-19?

Everything was taught to us when we were younger when our grandparents told us to come in the house, wash our hands and to take our play clothes off. Everything was germ-controlled, but we didn’t know why they said it. Now, being a grown person, you watch other people in the bathroom who don’t wash their hands. You just have to be cautious of everything but still be mindful not to be paranoid. Keep your mask on and keep sanitizing. Keep your vitamins up so your immune system can be strong and be able to fight it off.

How serious is COVID-19?

It almost took me out because I have underlying issues like diabetes and I suffered from asthma when I was younger. So, that’s what made it crush my lungs [to the point] where my lungs were at 13 percent [of their total capacity]. That alone almost put me into a coma. Then on top of that, after COVID-19 was over, it left me with high blood pressure and heart failure. So, now I’m dealing with the situations of trying to turn that around.

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