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Beyoncé and Rihanna plead for justice for George Floyd

George Floyd (Image source: Instagram – @_stak5_)

Music superstars Beyoncé and Rihanna have joined the multitude of celebrities, politicians and citizens demanding that justice be served following the death of George Floyd while being detained by a Minneapolis police officer.

Queen Bey is pleading with her 147 million Instagram followers to sign a petition ensuring that those responsible or took part in his death be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the IG video, the “Formation” singer, 38, had this to say about Floyd and its aftermath:

“We need justice for George Floyd. We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight,” Bey began.

“We’re broken and we’re disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain. I’m not only speaking to people of color. If you’re White, Black, Brown or anything in between, I’m sure you feel hopeless by the racism going on in America right now.

“No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human. We can no longer look away. George is all of our family and humanity. He is our family because he is a fellow American. There have been too many times that we’ve seen these violent killings and no consequences. Yes, someone’s been charged, but justice is far from being achieved.”

The officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested on charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. But the latest questionable Black death at the hands of White officers has ignited volatile protests nationwide.

Chauvin is said to be under suicide watch and his bail is set at a half-million dollars.

Chauvin’s wife Kellie filed for divorce just after her husband was taken into custody, NBC News reported.

Flip the page to watch Beyonce’s emotional message in full, followed by Rihanna’s message about Floyd.

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