Terrence J blasted for taking aim at Marlon Wayans and his family

Terrence J blasted for taking aim at Marlon Wayans and his family
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Terrence J caught flack on social media for taking aim at Marlon Wayans and his family. During a conversation on Instagram Live that was uploaded on June 11, Terrence J and Wayans began arguing with each other about success and supporting Black clothing brands.

Terrence J told Wayans that he never saw him wearing Black-owned designer clothes at events or award shows. Wayans responded by walking to his closet and showing his wardrobe. “Let’s go upstairs and show you the Black designers that I support.” Wayans showed Terrence J brands that he owned such as Off White by Virgil Abloh and Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo.

The conversation got more heated after Terrence J said that he was forced to make it on his own and that Wayans benefited from his family’s success. “This ain’t all about your family,” he told Wayans. “Your family can’t bail you out of this one. There are people in the world that are not Wayans people.”

Terrence J continued, “Get off of Keenan Ivory Wayan’s lap.”

Marlon responded by saying, “Let me tell you something about my family. I don’t never need them to bail me out of nothing…they raised me. If you ever think I’m great because of me, I’m not. I’m great because of the tribe.”

Terrence continued by saying, “Take Shawn’s nipple out of your mouth.” referring to Marlon’s older brother, Shawn Wayans.

“You gonna respect the tribe,” Marlon fired back.

Terrence J attempted to clarify his stance by saying, “Some of us have to make it on our own, we can’t have our family to lift us up all the time.”

However, Terrence J caught backlash from social media for going after Marlon Wayans and his family.



View video of their exchange after the jump. (NSFW)

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