J. Wyndal Gordon discusses fatherhood lessons and the importance of integrity

J. Wyndal Gordon discusses fatherhood lessons and the importance of integrity
J. Wyndal Gordon and his son (Photo provided)

J. Wyndal Gordon was born in Washington, D.C., and raised Maryland. He graduated from Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore School of Law. Gordon is a well-respected trial attorney practitioner who represents individuals and small businesses in litigation matters throughout Maryland and D.C. federal courts. He also is a proud member of several organizations, including the National Bar Association, National Black Lawyers Top 100, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

Rolling out’s Father Coach Club series spotlights incredible dads like Gordon on their journey through fatherhood. We share their success stories as Black men and fathers in America.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?

I am leaving my child and the children of my community a legacy of love for our people, love for the culture, and love for character birthed in us from the struggle. I want the world to know that I was here and I tried to help somebody.

As a father and a life coach, describe your playbook.

You have to put in the work. There is no substitute for the labor required to obtain the reward. If you skip the method, you miss the lesson. Life’s about hard work and dedication. Be first.

How important is keeping your word?

Your word is one of the few things in life you can give and keep at the same time. Promises made should be promises kept. Your children may not always listen to you, but they will surely imitate you. Make sure your children learn the importance of integrity and character.

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