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Mothers of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor teaming up in pursuit of justice

Breonna Taylor (Image source: Instagram – @breonnataylor)

Justice delayed is justice denied.

That is the thinking of the grieving mothers of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor since neither of the cases involving the shooting deaths of their children has been resolved.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, has flown to Louisville, Kentucky, to team up with Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer. Cooper-Jones said she wants to help expedite the investigation, and possible prosecution, of the those responsible for Taylor’s death.

Both Arbery and Taylor were African Americans who were shot and killed by White men affiliated with law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies.

According to TMZ’s discussion with Cooper-Jones’ attorney Lee Merritt, she is going to meet with local lawmakers in Kentucky to fortify the groundswell of support for the prosecution of the Louisville officers who were acting on a no-knock warrant when they shot and killed Taylor, an EMT worker, during a police raid in the middle of the night while the young woman was in bed asleep.

Not only did the officers burst into the wrong home, but the man they were after had already been arrested.

Cooper-Jones empathizes with the searing pain Palmer is going through, telling Palmer via TMZ Live: “I know it has to be very uncomfortable to know that your child was taken away and no one went to jail as of yet.”

Despite that, Cooper-Jones told Palmer “don’t give up.” Merritt added, “We’ve seen cases take off because of public pressure.”

So far, only one of the three Louisville cops, Brett Hankinson, has been fired, but neither had been charged as of press time.