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Luxury shoe designer Kamica Hampton shares entrepreneurial lessons

Kamica Hampton (Photo courtesy of Kamica Hampton Luxury Footwear)

Kamica Hampton has always had an affection for fabulous shoes. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, her love for bold fashion was sparked at an early age. As an adult, she turned her passion into a paycheck when she launched her eponymous luxury shoe company in 2014. Kamica Hampton’s designs combine Italian craftsmanship and Texas flair. Her shoes are made for women who challenge convention, turn their dreams into reality, and love to express themselves with unique styles.

We spoke with Hampton on “Design and Dialogue” about her fashion career journey, and gave advice for the next generation of designers.

What is your design process?

I have a design team in Italy, so we go back and forth. When I first started, I didn’t have the skills, so it was a lot of me printing out what was being sent to me and scribbling in and scratching out and changing colors. The patches of material that I picked my first collection from were so little. They came on an 8×10 piece of stapled paper. After I produced my first collection, then I got to go to the trade shows where you see all the big swatches and you see all the colors and I got excited.

What is essential for you when you’re designing shoes?

Something unique like the bow [is essential]. When you put this shoe on and it’s wrapped around your ankle, it’s [about] the attention [to detail]. It’s those little bitty details that make your feet stand out. So that’s what I like to go to. I’m flashy and I like flashy stuff.

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