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Ralph Tresvant reunites with Johnny Gill on new single, ‘All Mine’


(Photo: provided by TwoRsEnt)

New Edition helped shape R&B music during the 80s and 90s. The six-man group from Boston, Massachusetts released a multitude of hit songs that helped raise a generation from puppy-love themes such as “Candy Girl” to adulthood lessons like “Can You Stand The Rain.”

Ralph Tresvant continues to use his voice to tell the story of love and life. On July 3, Tresvant released his new single “All Mine,” which features New Edition member, Johnny Gill.

During a recent interview with rolling out’s “A.M. Wake-Up Call,” Tresvant discussed his career and new song.

Let’s discuss “All Mine.” How did the song come together?

That’s big bro, Johnny Gill. He was working on his project and said he had a song for me. And he called me and sent me the song. I loved the song and went to his studio. We knocked out the song and he sent me the finished version later. We both have our own record labels and we got with a distribution team and the rest is history. The song is about love and relationships. It works for me. It’s important for me to stay true to what I’m doing.

Going back to when Johnny Gill joined New Edition, were there any issues when he initially became a member?

It was a little tension back in the day. Johnny was brought in to replace me. One day I went to the studio and Johnny was there. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis stepped in and asked why was there so much tension in the studio. I stood up and said, “I never knew we had a new member.” Later on, we went on to work it out. My thing was that if we were going to bring anybody back, it would be Bobby Brown. Johnny and I went back and talked for a while and I told him, “Welcome to New Edition.”

Longevity is rare in the music industry. How should new artists approach this business to remain relevant?

You have to have God on your side. You have to roll with the punches: good, bad and ugly. The business is tough. If you really want to be around, you have to keep growing and learning. It’s a steady grind. If you have a hit, nothing is given to you. Build friendships. Don’t burn bridges.