Viral internet remix producer DJ iMarkkeyz discusses latest hit ‘Entanglement’

Viral internet remix producer DJ iMarkkeyz discusses latest hit 'Entanglement'
DJ iMarkkeyz (Photo provided)

Going viral on the internet is something many people will never experience, but for remix connoisseur, DJ iMarkkeyz, it’s something he knows very well. The DJ has perfected the craft of taking clips or phrases and remixing them into viral sensations. From Cardi B’s “Coronavirus” to “Lose Yo Job” you probably have heard some of DJ iMarkkeyz’s work. We spoke with him about his latest viral remix following Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s internet-breaking relationship interview.

How did you get started making these viral remixes?

I’ve been doing this for a long period of time. I started off on the app, Vine, back in like 2014. My upbringing was based on that and then throughout the years, I was making these Jersey club remixes to regular songs. Then it came to a point in time where I just wanted to apply that same thing with Instagram videos or any videos in general. In my mind, I’m able to take a phrase or a sound out and just remix it. Anytime I see a video or somebody tags telling me to remix this or remix that, I’m like “I could do something with it,” and then I go through a process of flipping it.

Describe the creative process for your latest viral remix “Entanglement.” 

The way she said, “I had an entanglement with August [Alsina],” I was able to find a little groove right there. The word entanglement is the only thing that stands out. So I kept all that and added it to the beat.

When you put out these videos do you know they will go viral or do you do it just for fun?

I’m really not hit savvy. When I put something out if it hits it hits and if it doesn’t, [it doesn’t]. In the midst of the moment, I’ll be like, “This video is going to do something,” but when it does like 3.2 million views, I’m like “Ok their f—–g with it.” It’s always great to see people liking it, enjoying it, and having some fun out of it instead of their personal issues.

Tell us about the “Lose Your Job” remix and the impact it had on Johnniqua Charles.

When you look at the video, you think she’s a regular woman living a regular life who went through a situation with the security guard. I didn’t find out until afterward when her sister reached out to me that she was in the streets. So I hit DJ Suede and told him the same thing. We all exchanged information and had a conversation to figure out how to make it right. Behind the scenes, we did everything to make sure that she doesn’t have to be back in the streets again. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like we brought her back together with her family.

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