Kim Johnson pens book about racial injustice for young adults

Describe your writing style and how you balance the heaviness of some of the content you have to work through.

Writing is therapeutic, and it is important for self-care. Even when you’re reading works that have a deep emotional impact, you have to step away and find other joy so that you can balance that. It’s easy to get into the dark of a situation. 

Tell us about the publication process.

When I started my journey during a pandemic, I was supposed to have my book come out during this time. I looked for signs when I was writing. There were times that something in our society and current administration when I would write something and I would question myself. Then something would happen and I knew I needed to speak my truth. When Childish Gambino came out with his “This Is America,” I called my agent and I was like “The universe says we need to submit this to publishers right now.” And she’s like, “What are you talking about?” I said, “The universe is telling me people are ready.” And she was saying let’s go to another round of revisions and I’m like, “No, the time is now.” We submitted a month later and a couple of weeks later I already had a deal with a publisher.

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